Custom Artwork

"Your space should include imagery of the places and people most important to you. My job is to create beautiful custom artwork that will bring your ideas to life".

- Julie Berthelot



The reality is, commissioning artwork can be a pain. From finding an artist, to communicating what you'd like and getting some assurance that this will be done to your satisfaction, and for the right price . . . it feels like a lot to take on. 

That's why my number TWO responsibility is to make the process as painless as possible! (My number ONE job is, of course, creating amazing artwork!)


Basically, it goes like this:

  1. You communicate to me what you'd like by email (, including pictures, if possible, or by phone (613-799-5672), and I get an idea of what you're looking for. 
  2. I send you a representation (sketch or photoshopped image) of the artwork I intend to create with the price, and deadline.  
  3. (Sometimes we go back and forth a little, until we're on the same page!)
  4. When you're satisfied with my proposal, and have confirmed, I get to work!
  5. You receive the completed piece by the date we agreed. 
  6. You're very happy with the result, or you send it back and aren't charged a penny!



I've been creating custom artwork for about 20 years, including countless portraits in a variety of mediums and sizes, as well as large landscape paintings in my Urban Forest style. 


You won't be left wondering what ever happened to that artwork you commissioned months ago. I am in the habit of communicating with my clients during every step of the process, from sharing ideas back and forth on what the artwork should look like, to your final approval before delivery. 


Generally, no more than two months are needed for any kind of artwork, and often even less than that.
Special events are always taken into consideration when coming to a decision on a date of delivery, which I will stick to (baring any unforeseen events). 



"My experience with Julie was completely positive. I love her art; her talent is amazing and obvious. She took the time and made the effort to understand exactly what I was looking for and delivered what she promised, when she promised, at a fair price."

- Dr. Don Friedlander