New Focus - New Artwork by Julie BerthelotOpening 11 June 2020 - Orange Art Gallery

New paintings from the 'Urban Forest' series are now available on the Orange Art Gallery website! 

A lot of hard work, but a really great time was had while working on these new pieces which represent a return to colourful flower paintings based on amazing photography, vast landscapes and intimate forest settings. 

We hope you'll enjoy them!


More on 'New Focus':

The initial inspiration for the latest series of paintings in my Urban Forest collection was actually from a piece titled ‘New Focus’, (included in my show ‘Stillness’ in 2015). It was based on amazing flower photography in vibrant colours, as were many of the other pieces in the show. Landscape imagery of a cloud-filled sky and a forest of birch trees were also themes that I wanted to revisit in this series.


Much of my work since then has been cityscapes and realistically painted commissioned work, so drawing inspiration from these themes again was a nice change and a huge pleasure! This new series also includes my first few attempts at painting orchids, which ended up providing a nice challenge!


The other reason for choosing ‘New Focus’ as the title for this series, is to illustrate what I’m hoping to accomplish with this work. I feel, especially during this difficult time, that the importance of where we focus our attention is extremely important. As always, but especially now, we are all exposed to both good and bad experiences, challenges and opportunities, and where we focus our mind and energy, is a choice. If these paintings can serve as a reminder to anyone of what is good in life, as they do for me, and help them to focus on that, then I will count them as a success.


I’ve been extremely lucky, and being confined to my home with my family and my studio has been an inherently positive experience. My hope is only to share some of that positivity with you, and for it to spread exponentially to those you care about.